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Message from the Research in Science Club advisers
We are delighted to present this virtual science fair. The fair showcases the magnificent research and work of the leadership and members of the Delbarton Research in Science Club - as well as the work of many other schools' science students.
The Delbarton Research in Science Club was founded just last year by Will Li, Kevin Zhong and Alex Luo.  What started as a little meeting in Rm. 110 of the science department has grown exponentially to include a big cross section of Delbarton students interested in science, engineering, robotics, computers and other subjects.  It is the home for kids who really like and enjoy science and engineering - and who are very clever at it!
It has been an honor for us to advise and work with some of the most exceptional students at Delbarton - especially the club's current leaders, Will Li, Cole Kiefer, Stephen Daly and Jack Nelson.  We look forward to many great things to come from the club in the future.
As our club motto reminds us: In Theoremate Id Operatur!
- Bob Bitler, Brian Theroux, Pete O'Connell, Research in Science Club advisors
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2020 Delbarton Virtual Science Fair

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