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Last week, the Research Club leadership sent out a survey to better gauge Delbarton's interest in science. Here are some of our favorite responses!

Meet Delbarton's


Survey of the school!


Why Do you Enjoy Science?


"I enjoy science because I feel as if the knowledge gained from science helps give an explanation of the vast and complex world around us." -Christian Lalin ‘21

"I enjoy being able to understand everyday phenomena through science. I live on a farm, so the things I learned in Biology have been helpful in growing crops and raising animals." -Owen Hand 21

"I enjoy science because it addresses some of the most urgent needs of humanity and also some of the most unanswered and profound questions, and ultimately can bring purpose and meaning to life if interpreted correctly." -Stephen Daly ‘20

"Most of all, I want to know how God's amazing entire universe works - the biggest puzzle there is (by definition!). So hard to fathom. So much we don't understand... To be a scientist is to stand in awe of the complexity, unreasonableness, beauty and fecundity of creation." -Mr. Bitler, Physics Teacher

"I love the ability to create new tools that in turn provide the ability to create even more advanced tools with incredible capabilities. Science builds on itself, which is why we as humans can achieve so much with it." -Zachary Vincent 21

What's your favorite area of STEM and why?


"Chemistry. Why?  Originally because I enjoyed the “magic” of it; now because I enjoy the beauty of the logic and reason in it."       -Mrs. Mainardi, Chemistry Teacher

"Physics. Sure, math is complicated and chemistry is cool, but physics seems to unite every unique field and blend it all into the essence of the universe. Whether it's solving problems  in the classroom or exploring theories on YouTube, there's nothing that has sparked my desire to learn more than physics." -Leo Cooley ‘20

"My favorite area of STEM is science, specifically astronomy and physics, because it's fascinating to think about our place in the universe." -Kear O'Malley ‘24

"My favorite area of STEM is computer science because the ability to harness computer power is the key to modern scientific advancement." -Zach Vincent ‘21

"I like Math the most because I'm good at it." -Jin Kang ‘25

What is your favorite thing you've ever done in a STEM class? 

We used Arduino technology and coding to create a "Magic 8 Ball" -Ryan Carrey ‘22

"In science last year we did an activity where we had to build a bridge out of the materials provided in groups and it had to withstand a certain amount of weight." -Nathan Khichi ‘25

"One day in AP Physics 1 we took a break from the classroom and went in the halls of Delbarton to discuss the enormity of our universe and Mr. Devine's explanations simply threw my mind into an unexplainable awe." -Leo Cooley ‘20

"Calc BC Free Response Competition (I love competition)" -Aidan Anastario ‘20

"Built a robot that can transport something from one place to another" -Chase Napeloni ‘24

For those interested in going into STEM, what would be your ideal job and why? 


"Chemistry teacher 👩🏼‍🏫" -Mrs. Mainardi, Chemistry Teacher


"I have the ideal job. At the ideal school." -Mr. Bitler, Physics Teacher


"Surgeon, get to help people on the daily" -Bryce Waldmann ‘20

"Iron Man... or CEO of a multi-billion dollar STEM company, so you can follow your own vision and dreams. Don't aspire to follow Elon Musk or Tony Stark, aspire to move beyond them!" -Mr. Theroux, Biology Teacher

"I would like to design rockets for NASA because I think it would really cool to create something that could advance human knowledge of the universe." -Kear O'Malley ‘24

"I would like to be a biologist, because I could be outside a lot studying animals and plants." -Griffin Velez ‘25

"I want to be a doctor because I would get paid a lot and it is very meaningful because you save lots of lives." -Jin Kang ‘25

Who is your favorite scientist and why? 

"My favorite scientist is Marie Curie because I feel like she created so much change both in the science lab and in the world around her." -Christian Lalin ‘21

"Elon Musk. He is a role model to me because he is never afraid of trying new things, and is easily the best one today. (He counts as a scientist right?) If not, then my answer is Will Li." -Hunter Zienowicz ‘21


"Sir, my favorite scientist is Mr. Bitler. For those who know Mr. Bitler, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't, no explanation will suffice." -Pierce Munsey ‘21

"Albert Einstein, not simply because of his fame but because he believed that with everything he learned he grew closer in knowing there was a God in heaven." -Abdiel Perde ‘24


"My favorite scientist is Charles-Augustin de Coulomb because he wrote Coulomb's Law." -Garrett Taylor ‘20

"Rick Sanchez, because he invented Picklerick."- Suhaas Valiveti ‘25


What is the biggest problem you'd like science to solve in your lifetimes?

"I would love to see science find a way to eliminate horrific genetic diseases in my lifetime. That is something which should be doable, in the age of CRISPR. I know a young man whose muscles are turning to bone because of a genetic aberration. I WANT to see him walk and talk again." -Mr. Bitler, Physics Teacher


"Definitely the ability to warp space-time to travel lightyears in a matter of seconds." -Thomas Bury ‘20


"Creating renewable energy that can be produced enough and is cost-effective enough to replace fossil fuels." -Owen Hand ‘21


"I've always loved the idea of graphene and its capabilities. The possibility of one day using our carbon-heavy emissions to create a new wonder material makes me very excited for the opportunities of the future." -Zach Vincent ‘21


"I just want the next generations to have an easier life than us" -Chase Napeloni ‘24

"Mysteries about dreams fascinate me and the basic functionings of the brain are seeing completely new information constantly."      -Owen Spina ‘20


"I would like a teleport machine so I don't have to drive anywhere" -Griffin Velez ‘25

What's your favorite math/physics equation and why?


"E=mc^2. Basic, yes, but its implications are crazy.... with the mass of a quarter into pure energy, you would probably wipe Northern New Jersey off the map. That's so fascinating to me, it was a turning point for me in my journey to becoming interested in science." -Stephen Daly ‘20

"The Second Law of Thermodynamics, dS = dQ / T, because life is in a continuous struggle against it." -Mr. Theroux, Biology Teacher


"Ei=Ef. What Mr. Devine calls your "sledgehammer" in any physics problem... From fusion in the sun to dropping a ball on Earth, the most complex and simple situations are all united by this simple expression that energy is conserved in our universe." -Leo Cooley ‘20


"My favorite math equation is the Pythagorean Theorem because my Grandmother taught me [it]" -Gavin DelGrande ‘21


"sin^2 + cos^2 = 1. Idk I just like it." -Pierce Munsey ‘21

"The Chicken McNugget Theorem states that if my McNuggets come in packets of m, n, two co-prime positive integers, the greatest number of McNuggets I cannot buy in only packets of m and n is (mn-m-n). Why? Because I use it everyday." -William Li ‘21

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