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Integrated Sciences
The middle school students at Delbarton complete a scientific research or experimental project each year during their second and third term. The main objective is to promote critical thinking and scientific problem solving through experiments using the methods of experiment design, research, and observation. The boys create a scientific question and form a hypothesis, design and complete an experiment to test the hypothesis, make observations, organize data, and analyze results to draw conclusions based on their research. We hope you enjoy all of the hard work of our young scientists. 
- Tiffany Luludis, Middle School Science Teacher
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Abdiel Perde
Does my Town Contain Dangerously High Levels of Lead?
Abhinav Naidu
Does Increasing The Amount Of Nitrogen Given To A Plant Increase The Transpiration Rate Of The Plant?
Alex Estey
What Is The Relationship Between Exposure Value And Distance?
Andrew Johnson
How Does Light Affect Yeast?
Andrew Lebowitz
What Liquids have a High and Low Viscosity?
Anthony Salerno
Do Dogs Think In A Hemispheric Brain Structure Just Like Humans?
Antonio Conte
Does Color Affect Taste?
Arjan Singh
How Do Plants Eat Other Organisms?
Arsh Chahal
Does Music Affect Plant Growth?
Arthav Naidu
How Do Hairpin Ribozymes Affect the Chemical Reactions of Proteins in Cells?
Austen Kivler
Which Drink Has the Most Electrolytes for Athletes?
Charles Minervino
What is the Best Way to Win Carnival Games
Chase Napeloni
Is a Solar Powered Car Just as Efficient as a Battery Powered One?
Chris Martin
Should You Eat Before or After an Exercise?
Clayton Comeaux
How Much Can Anaerobic Energy be Affected?
Colin Badcock
How Does Mental Preparation Affect Sports Play?
Cooper Lazor
How Does Temperature Affect Magnets?
Dan Jones
Does Text Color Affect Readability?
Daniel D'Alessandro
How Much Mold Will Develop on a Piece of Bread if Touched by a Certain Object in a Span of 5 Weeks?
Daniel Pelayo
How Salty does Water have to be to make an Egg Float?
David Lebowitz
How Does the Thickness of Wood Affect How a Nail Goes in?
David Reale
How Does Different Colors Affect Human Behaviors?
Dominick Beck
Based on the Wingspan of an Airplane, How Many Inches of Lift Will the Plane Get?
Donovan Perry
How Can You Extract Onion DNA From an Onion?
Dylan Scarpati
Is There Bacteria in Cooked Meat?
Ezra Sadowsky
How Do Different Fertilizers Affect the Growth of Algae?
Gavin Segerson
How Do Sports Drinks Affect Be Blood Glucose Level?
Gavin Tripido
What Angle Launches a Projectile the Farthest?
Grant Parker
How Are Space and Matter Affected by Black Holes?
Griffin Velez
Can Plants Grow Without Using Soil?
Jack Amato
How Does Vaping Affect the Teen Body?
Jack Gibbons
How Does Light Pollution Affect Star Visibility?
Jack Tonzola
How is Acid Rain Affecting Organisms?
James Olsen
If Someone Who Plays Sports Runs, Will There Breath Be Longer or Shorter Than Someone Who Doesn't Play Sports?
Jin Kang
Which Cereal has the Most Iron and How does it Affect Us?
Joe Artiglere
Which Memories Do Certain Smells Bring to Mind?
John Cuzzocrea
How Does Physical Activity Affect Your Memory?
John Saxon
What Are Peoples Experiences and Issues in Their Contact Lenses and What is Being Done to Fix It?
Jude Hall
Can Humans Get Better at Telling Truths From Lies if They Practice?
Julian Tramontano
Does the Color and Position of a Flame Affect the Temperature?
Julius Vatel
How Effective Are Homemade Heart Rate Monitors, and Do They Have the Ability to Stand Up to the Fitbit?
Justin Allen
What Freezes Faster, Cold or Warm Water?
Kear O'Malley
Is There a Correlation Between Time on the Floor and the Amount of Bacteria on Food?
Kenneth Voorhees
Do Expensive Golf Balls Have a Higher Compression Than Less Expensive Golf Balls?
Logan Brooks
What is the Best Way to Break Glass without Using a Glass Cutter?
Lorenzo Petrucci
Does Junk Food Affect a Rat's Weight?
Lucas Cardinale
What is the Longest Time a Person Can Go, Answering Stroop Effect Words Without Getting a Word Wrong?
Luke Campbell
During the Electrolysis of Water, Which Electrolyte Conducts Electricity the Best?
Luke Towle
What Fire Starter is the Most Effective?
Max Orosz
Which Material Will Block a Wifi Signal the Most and by How Much?
Michael Fialcowitz
Can GPS Error Signals Be Used to Identify and Track Geomagnetic Storm Activity?
Michael Van Raaphorst
How Does a Plant React Towards Finding Sunlight?
Mitchell Sisler
Which Studying Tactic Works the Best for Studying?
Nathan Khichi
How Does Speed of the Rotors on a Helicopter Affect Lift?
Neel Dhall
What is the Effect of Overpopulation on Certain Species?
Patrick Goetz
What Material is Best for a Mag-lev Train?
Patrick Mahoney
Which Powered City Will Help Earth?
Peter Donini
How Distance Affects Field Goals?
Quinn DeStefano
How Does the Color of Light Affect Plant Growth?
Ryan Hall
Is There Such a Thing as Tooth Discoloration?
Ryan Readlinger
How Do Eyes, Ears, and the Way Someone is Spun Affect Balance and Dizziness?
Sean Smith
Which Fertilizer is Most Effective When Planting?
Suhaas Valiveti
Which Type of Truss Bridge is the Most Effective?
Timothy Pinheiro
What Filtration Material Leads to the Best Drinking Water?
Tommy Ginty
Which Remedy Will Stop Spice the Fastest?
Topher Royse
Do the Dimensions of a Baseball Field Affect Batting Averages?
Tyler Dasilva
Reaction Time’s Relevance to Age
Vincent Maurizi
What Materials Cause a Reaction in a Plasma Ball?
Will Reinke
Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Block High Frequency Noise Better or Worse Than Low Frequency Noise?
William Kramer
How Does Temperature Affect Golf Ball Flight?
Wyatt Lazor
How Does Flex Affect Shot Speed and Accuracy?
Zeke Ehrenberg
Can You Create a More Effective Algae Based CO2 Scrubber With the Only by-products of the Method Being Oxygen and Edible Algae?

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