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 List of Prizes and Commendations


*All prize money will be given directly to charities or as credit to businesses impacted by COVID-19

Winners will be announced below


Category Awards 

Best in Mathematics and Computer Science Award: $50

Best in Biology and Medicine Award: $50

Best in Physics and Astronomy Award: $50

Best in Chemistry Award: $50

Special Awards

Da Vinci Award ($50): most embodies the spirit of Da Vinci with a creative blend of scientific fields

Statistician Award ($50): best data collection, graph display, and statistical analysis 

No Bell Prize ($50): most original project; approaches a problem in a novel way 

Mad Scientist Award ($50): CRAAAZIEST science project

Elon Musk Award ($50): project that works at the forefront of the future; has big ideas with possible big impacts

Bob the Builder Award ($50): project with the best engineering and design 


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