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Independent Research Projects in Environmental Studies
Seniors in the Environmental Studies course complete a capstone research project each year during the third term. While identifying his project each student reflects upon the lessons he has learned throughout the year and prepares a research plan. Part of this plan includes a philosophical integration of both Sustainable Development Goals and Planetary Boundaries. Research projects range in content and scale, but all are based on personal interest, community action, and scientific methodology.
- Brian Theroux, Sustainability Coordinator, Science Teacher
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Brandon Liu
Solar Possibilities at Delbarton
Christian Badalamenti
The Overlooked Shift
Christopher Failla
Stewardship and Sustainability at Delbarton
Daniel Papantonis
Delbarton Arboretum
Harrison Vives
Testing Our Waterways
Harry Vermylen
Small Actions for Big Changes
Hayden Beumee
The Landfill "Little Helper"
Jeffrey Douglas
Green Wave Wildlife
Khyri Fortenberry​
Delbarton Transportation Carbon Emissions ​
Lukas Ungar
Cleaner Water Distribution
Luke Geleta
How Deep is Delbarton’s Pond?​
Ryan Wicker
Plastic vs Reusable Water Bottles


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