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This year, our fair had 261 participants from 22 Schools across NJ

and 24 University/Corporate/Charity Partnerships!


 List of Prizes and Commendations


*All prize money will be given directly to charities or as credit to businesses impacted by COVID-19

Winners will be announced below


Category Awards 

Best in Animal and Behavioral Science: $50

Best in Biomedical Science: $50

Best in Chemistry: $50

Best in Environmental Science: $50

Best in Math and Computer Science: $50

Best in Microbiology and Plant Science: $50

Best in Physics and Engineering: $50

Judge's Choice Awards

Rutgers University Award: $50

Harvard, Yale, Princeton Student Award: $50

Qualcomm Judge's Award (Sponsored by Qualcomm): $200

Special Awards

The In theoremate id operatur! Award goes to the most creative and inventive project: $100


The Wave Innovation Award (Sponsored by Soma Capital) goes to the project with the most entrepreneurial spirit: $200

The Succisa Virescit Award goes to a project cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic that demonstrates the most future promise: $100

The DaVinci Award goes to the project that most embodies the spirit of DaVinci with a creative blend of scientific fields: $50

The Mad Scientist's Award goes to the CRAAAZIEST science project: $50

The Librarian's Award goes to the project the best organization and presentation: $50

The Military Science Award (Sponsored by Picatinny Arsenal) goes to the project with the best military application: GoPro

The Peace Corp Award goes to the project with the biggest humanitarian impact: $100, $100 Donation to Operation Smile 


The Let's Beat Coronavirus Award (Sponsored by Loaves for Life) goes to a randomly selected project: $500 Donation to a NJ hospital of your choice


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