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Coronavirus Can't Stop Science!

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Uber president/founder William Li '21

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William Li

Hi, I'm Will, a junior at Delbarton School. I am the founder and president of the Research in Science Club. While I enjoy all sorts of science, my research interests are centered around Machine Learning, Differential Equations, and Stochastic Optimization, and I have 3 published papers. My biggest aspiration in science is to discover Bigfoot!

Cole Kiefer


Hey everyone, my name is Cole Kiefer and I am a graduating senior at Delbarton and co-president of the Research in Science Club. My scientific interests circle around astronomy, AI, and the search for extraterrestrial life. I published a children's book based around astronomy and mythology and my biggest scientific aspiration and endeavor is using Von Neumann Machines to explore exoplanets for life within our galaxy ... or find E.T.!!




Jack Nelson

Hello everyone. My name is Jack Nelson. I am a senior at Delbarton and a co-president of the Research in Science Club. My biggest fields of interest are physics and mathematics, specifically quantum mechanics. Over the summer, I might just unify General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory ...  or work at Chick-fil-a.

Stephen Daly

Hi all! I'm Stephen and I'm a senior at Delbarton School. This is my 2nd year with the club and first as co-president. My scientific tastes are pretty eclectic, but my favorite branch of science is by far physics. I'm also fascinated by kinesiology. My biggest scientific aspiration is to settle the debate of whether water is wet or not.



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2020 Delbarton Virtual Science Fair

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